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Reporting Software Solutions by NeuroGen Network
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Neurogen Network provides the neuromonitoring industry with the missing link between data collection and incorporation into everyday business decisions.
Business Insights

Gain answers to the questions you truly care about. Whether you're interested in research or analyzing billing trends, NGN has focused reporting for your every need. Customized dashboards and reports created by industry experts will help you improve billing strategies, track testing and alerts to validate the role your company plays in the OR, and even help manage your personnel.

Integration with Ease

We connect with many of the standard formats for exchanging digital healthcare data: HL7 FHIR X12 837P, X12 837I, and X12 835. Seem like greek? We get it! We've also developed a modular data pipeline to integrate data with your on-premise and/or cloud based data sources. And if you need help unlocking the power your data can bring you from someplace else, our seasoned staff is more than ready to handle the heavy lifting!

Secure and Compliant

We understand the important role technology can play in improving your organization's efficiency and efficacy in delivering patient care. Partner with us to do so, while maintaining compliance with the increased burden of regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH. Our team has a wealth of experience delivering products that involve sensitive data. Built on top of Microsoft Azure, and our signed BAA, you can have confidence that both you and your data are in good hands.

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